Chalfont, PA:

Several manufacturers of Arc Resistant ("AR") switchgear and motor control centers (MCCs) have included the ExiscanTM  XIR series IR window in arc resistance tests to prove that the windows do not degrade the protective features of the AR equipment. A major manufacturer of Arc Resistant switchgear recently allowed ExiscanTM engineers to witness one such Arc Resistance Test at KEMA Power Test in Calfont, PA. The test complied with the ANSI/IEEE C37.20.7 Arc Resistance Test procedures. 


Prior to the test, the ExiscanTM XIR-A-4-H infrared window was attached to the enclosure door, roughly in the middle of one of the cable compartments -- a typical position for an IR window. The ignition source was roughly 18 inches from the enclosure door and roughly 15 inches off the bottom of the enclosure. The arc was initiated using a thin gauge wire across phases. Cotton flags were mounted 1” from the seams of the enclosure and around the window. Any escape of heated gases from inside the enclosure would ignite the flags, indicating a failure to contain the arc energy.


UNYTECH-WinnerAfter winning the Rochester Regional Business Plan Contest, Exiscan was invited to participate in the state-wide business plan contest: the Smart Start / UNYTECH Venture Forum. The venue is designed to bring potential investors together with start-up technology companies. As in Rochester, Exiscan once again emerged as the winner of the business plan contest.


Tim Rohrer, President and Founder of Exiscan was very excited about the award. "We are just grateful to have been invited to present at this prestigious event with some incredible start-ups from all over New York State. To have won, against companies that are much further along than we are, is just incredible. We are very honored to have been recognized like this again just one month after winning the contest in Rochester."


Exiscan-Wins-Biz-Plan-ContestExiscan is honored to have received first place in the Rochester Regional Business Plan Contest.


Exiscan was selected over more than 40 other high-tech start-up companies in the Rochester area. At a recognition luncheon following the final presentations on April 15th, 2011, Tim Rohrer, Exiscan's President and Founder, was awarded a $25,000 cash prize, and other services from High-Tech Rochester, RIT and the University of Rochester, among other sponsors of the event.


"This is a great honor," said Rohrer. "The other companies in the competition were really impressive -- I was honestly blown away by some of the other concepts presented."