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Installation Tools:

The square of rectangular apertures of the ExiscanTM inspection windows gives users the latitude to either use a knockout punch, saw, cutoff wheel or nibbler when installing the XIR Series IR windows.


"Knockout Punch" Kit: (For XIR and XDV Series IR Windows)

The knock-out punch is the cleanest way to cut an aperture hole for the XIR and XDV series IR Windows. ExiscanTM partnered with Alfra Tools to make a series of custom punches that not only cut the aperture hole, but also center-punch the mounting-stud positions for easy and precise drilling of the mounting holes. Our punch will cut mild steel like butter and is rated for up to 12 gauge stainless.  

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Cutoff Wheel:

Using a cutoff wheel (attached to a portable grinder) is probably the quickest, but also the least precise and messiest method of cutting the aperture hole. If you plan to use a cutoff wheel, we suggest that the door or panel be removed from the enclosure and that the cutting be performed in a secured area, away from electrical equipment.



Most jig saw / reciprocating saws will work, just be sure to use good blades. A quicker, albeit messier saw to consider is the OnmiDualSaw. This small circular saw features two carbide-tipped blades that spin opposite directions so there is no kickback when plunge cutting or cutting backward. Many installers have used this tool with success and can attest to its speed -- the Dual Saw makes four very quick plunge cuts to open a four-inch by four-inch aperture in just over a minute. Just be sure to use this tool in a secured area away due to the mess it will make.

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Another tools that most electricians probably have at their disposal is a nibbler. It is very versatile and a bit cleaner than saw cutting. We really like the Milwaukee 6880 -- it's well made and even chews through stainless.  

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Templates and Instructions:  [Link to Installation Templates and Instructions Page]