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Labels And Tags




The Exiscan™ XLS series offers users a limitless number of custom labels, tags and signs. Give us your engineering drawings or napkin sketches and Exiscan™ will generate professional, durable labels, tags and signs to your specifications.


This data sheet outlines the XLS "standard options." If your project requires something outside the options listed below, please contact us to discuss how we might meet your specifications.


Exiscan™ XLS labels, tags and signs use 3M pressure sensitive adhesive that has proven to hold up for decades in the dessert sun, the arctic’s chilling cold and everything in between. We are happy to consult with you regarding your requirements if you feel you have a unique need -- we have many options.


Pre-Drilled for Fastening or Hanging:
Order equipment tags with pre-punched holes for rivets, drive screws or hanging straps. Standard hole size is 1/8" diameter. Designate quantity of holes required.


For temporary and moveable signage, sometimes magnet mounting is just the ticket.


Leave them square, or we can radius the corners for you for a smoother finish


Accent Colors:
The standard is black and metallic. However, we can also apply a variety of "Safety" colors to cover the metallic background. Colors can be added to cover the entire metallic background or just parts. Although the accent colors are resilient in standard industrial environments, they are not guaranteed against fading, and are not recommended where exposed to aggressive chemicals or UV. Note: Black and metallic are covered by anodizing and are resilient and guaranteed in any environment.


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