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Labels And Tags


Durable Labels & Tags


Electric codes (including the National Electric Code or "NEC") generally require that manufacturer’s markings and field applied hazard markings, labels, tags, etc. "shall be of sufficient durability to withstand the environment involved.(NFPA 70:110.21)


Labels, Tags and signage from Exiscan™ will help your facility comply with standards, and improve worker safety and reliability with solutions that will survive decades of exposure to UV and other harsh environments. Exiscan™utilizes a unique photo etching technology -- Metalphoto -- that embeds the image under an anodized metallic surface of the label, tag or sign. The result is a permanent image, that outlives even laser engraving, and is guaranteed for 20 years.


Asset Management:
Durable labeling and tagging is a critical component of a successful launch and management of a CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) program such as Maximo®. ExiscanTM Metalphoto labels and tags will ensure that power distribution equipment, pole tags, motor tags, equipment labels, and significant inventory items are clearly legible and/or scanable for consistency, accuracy and efficiency for decades to come.


Metalphoto labels and tags from ExiscanTM ensure that workers are able to clearly read critical data points like voltage, incident energy calculations, PPE requirements. Eliminate faded and indecipherable signage so that workers are able to see and understand life-saving warnings and cautionary text.

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